How CXO’s across the globe can benefit from an Outcome-based (SaaS) model that enables testing software applications on-the-fly in 2019.


Dear Friends and Participants,

Thanks for the warm response to our very first Qualifly webinar session. I truly trust and believe that each one of you were able to derive useful insights on the how Sharing Economy is disrupting the Services sector. Testing arena has been no different, with a lot of innovative solutions hitting the market, here we were presenting our thoughts about how a platform such as Qualifly can promote democracy to testing solutions for companies ranging between a Start-up to Enterprise. We brought out few unique point of views on how access to Infinite Capacity and True Next minute Testing Service Delivery can be delivered to companies ensuring last mile features such as “One-Stop-Shop” for Testing scopes such as Functional, Exploratory, Usability, Test Automation, Performance and Security Testing, all under the same hood, but yet bringing in the best in the class for each of the scopes served as a single platter.

Our views and Vision of a Simple “Click to test” platform was recognized as revolutionary by the Subject Matter Experts who participated in the Webinar.

For those of you who missed out on the session, we have captured the entire discussion in the below video.

Last, but not the least as promised - we are offering the free guide titled:

The Definitive Guide to Crowdsourced Testing

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We look forward to have many more such capsules that are relevant and interesting for our audience.